Jeep reveals its 707-horsepower SUV

Jeep is taking the plunge into the deep finish of the HP wars with the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, a version of its midsize SUV that’s equipped with a 707-horsepower vixen engine.

The vixen could be a supercharged half-dozen.2-liter V-8 engine that has become associate icon for the Dodge whole since it had been introduced within the Charger and rival in 2014.

Now it’ll be blocked into the 2018 auto Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that may be disclosed to the media at the big apple International car Show on weekday.

On Tuesday, the auto manufacturer plans to reveal the long-awaited Dodge rival SRT Demon, a muscle automotive, expected to possess even a lot of HP.

“The auto Grand Cherokee is currently the foremost powerful and fastest SUV still,” microphone Manley, head of auto whole, same during a news unleash. “The new Grand Cherokee Trackhawk delivers astounding performance numbers … with luxury, refinement associated an array of innovative advanced technology.”

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