Vladimir Putin’s ‘robot army’ is being trained to shoot guns from each of its hands, it’s emerged.

MirrorOnline rumored last Dec however the humanoid robots referred to as FEDOR – Final Experimental Demonstration Object analysis – square measure being developed for area exploration by Russia.
Now it’s emerged that the human wanting robots – with a head, 2 arms and 2 legs – are bimanual guns as a part of their coaching.
A video clip of them in action has already caused a senior governance to issue a denial that they’re making a real-life “Terminator-style” killer.
he reference is to the golem within the Hollywood phantasy franchise – compete by Arnold Schwarzenegger – that takes over the planet within the future by killing all humans that change its path.
FEDOR stands six foot tall, weighs between 106-160 metric weight unit reckoning on further instrumentality – and may carry up to twenty metric weight unit of product.
Its creators claim that teaching them to shoot can facilitate improve their motor skills and decision-making talents.
Posting a brief clip showing the armed golem in action, Russia’s deputy PM Dmitryi Rogozin said: “Robot platform F.E.D.O.R. showed shooting skills with 2 hands.
“We don’t seem to be making a exterminator, however computing which will be of nice sensible significance in numerous fields.”
In the clip denote by the Deputy PM the golem will be seen firing a combine of guns at a target board.
It is accompanied  with the message: “Russian fighting robots – guys with iron nature.”
The clip conjointly options alternative “robot-like” vehicles in action firing at targets on a spread – though these square measure believed to be remote controlled.
The golem was originally created with rescue missions in mind till military uses began being steered.
FEDOR is about to travel into area in 2021 – and has been touted as a permanent replacement for cosmonauts presently maintaining the ISS within the future.
The golem is being developed by humanoid Technics and also the Advanced analysis Fund.
They are trying to show it a good sort of basic and advanced skills – from a way to use a collection of keys and numerous tools to a way to screw in a very light-weight bulb and drive a automotive.
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  1. This is crazy .. I had no idea. The good news is whenever I’ve seen a robot stand in for something a human can do .. it always comes up short. I’ll definitely be watching for more stories on this

  2. It’s kind of crazy thinking about a robot army. But I suppose we are getting there whether we want to admit it or not. The only thing I’m nervous about is that people will be more apt to use it because at least they will not be getting hurt in the process.

  3. I think every technology inovated as a dark side. It;s just that we need to see it and use it for the benefit of the mankind not the other way.


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