For quite a pair of,600 years, humans have discovered meteors streak across our skies each Apr. This year’s Lyrid atmospheric phenomenon, that lasts from Apr sixteen to Apr twenty five, is predicted to be higher than usual. To fancy the celestial spectacle, here’s what you wish to grasp.
What area unit the Lyrids?
The Lyrids area unit the name for the atmospheric phenomenon caused by particles left behind by extraterrestrial object Thatcher. These particles assign as they are available in-tuned with the Earth’s atmosphere, deed a streak that appears sort of a light. The comet’s orbit round the sun is 415 years long. Its last visit was in 1861 and also the next one are going to be in 2276.
They are known as the Lyrids, as a result of they appear to be situated in constellation constellation close to the star Vega.
When am i able to see the Lyrids?
The meteor showers have begun and can last till Apr twenty five. the height of the shower, at a rate of around ten to twenty meteors per hour, are often seen simply before before dawn on Apr twenty two. This year, the waning crescent moon shouldn’t cause a lot of of a tangle if you’re ready to notice a light-pollution free patch of the sky.
The best Lyrids ever discovered had a rate of one hundred meteors per hour and are discovered within the North American country in 1982, Japan in 1945, and Greece in 1922.


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