Pesticides consider a key factor of global warming and exhaustion the ozone layer. The volatile organic compounds formed by reaction of pesticides from fields and make up pollutants called ozone.
The biodiversity decreases in the soil because of using pesticides to increase water retention we must not using high chemical concentration in soil. Because organic matter binds to and helps break down pesticides, pesticides inflect extremely widespread damage to biota. Pesticides reaches to animals by poisonous food after spraying.
Food sources affected widespread application pesticides, causing the distribution of animals has changed geographically and lifestyle changed, for example; birds can be harmed when they eat insects and warms that have consumed pesticide.
Some pesticides build up to toxic levels in the bodies of humans and animals.
The U.S department of agriculture and U.S fish and wildlife service    estimate that about 20% of endangered and threatened species in U.S are jeopardized by use of pesticides.
In unite kingdom ten different species of birds have declined by 10 million preening individuals between 1979 and 1999.
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