The rainbow herbicides are group of “tactical use” chemical used by American army in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.
A kind of chemical warfare called “herbicidal warfare” used to destroy the plant-based ecosystem in  enemy area to make sure that agricultural food production that make cover to the enemy is finished.
The code name of powerful herbicides “agent orange” use by U.S army in war frame program during the Vietnam War.
Degradation of Agent Orange released dioxin which have caused health problems for those exposed during the Vietnam War. As the same, agent blue and white were belong to the program but without dioxins. Most of population studies show that the agent orange not necessary contain dioxin because of dioxins increase risk of varies types of cancer and genetic.
In the nineteen-eighties ,several lawsuit have been filed against same companies which produced agent orange, Dow chemical, Amonsanto and Dimond Sharmock where the companies sued. After the war American veterans were look for recognition of agent orange syndrome compensation and treatment for disease that they and their children suffered from, many of American veterans haven’t been able to receive promised medical care through the veterans administration medical system.
South Korean veterans filed lawsuit in the Korean court in 1999. The Korean appeal court ordered Monsanto and Dow chemical to pay U.S $62 million compensation in Jan. 2006. The Vietnams victims didn’t received compensation, the judge Jack Weinstein of the U.S distract court dismissed the lawsuit in March 10. 2006. So the Vietnams victims lost the case against the companies which produce defoliants and herbicides.
Another type of powerful defoliants and herbicides used by U.S army in its herbicidal warfare program called “agent purple” during Vietnam War.
Agent purple is chemically similar to agent orange consisting of mixture of the herbicides 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T. agent orange and agent purple had been contaminated with varying levels of tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (TCDD). Dioxin is toxic substance as a side effect of manufacturing proses of 2,4,5-T.


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