Water connects every component of lifestyles. get right of entry to safe water and sanitation can quickly turn issues into capacity – unlocking schooling, work opportunities, and progressed health for ladies, kids, and families the world over.
Read more about Iranian water crisis. 
these days, 1 in nine people lack access to safe water; 1 in three people lack get right of entry to a toilet. extra humans have a mobile phone than a toilet.
girls are disproportionately tormented by the water crisis, as they’re regularly responsible for amassing water. This takes time far away from work, faculty and stressful for the family. lack of water and sanitation lock girls in a cycle of poverty.
The water crisis is a health disaster. get entry to secure water and sanitation approach possibility for improved health and the potential to assist fight disorder. get right of entry to safe water manner improved health for ladies and ladies who no longer must put off finding a place to head. It manner reduced infant and maternal mortality rates. It approaches improved dignity and decreased mental strain for girls and girls. It approaches reduced physical damage from regular lifting and wearing heavy loads of water. And it means reduced risk of rape, sexual attack and increased safety as girls and girls do not ought to go to remote and dangerous locations to alleviate themselves.



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