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The Evolution Of Geography Through Time


For many individuals, geography is that the science that’s answerable for learning the landscape, representing maps of the areas and finding out the climate, however. I might say that several individuals handle a thought of what this science aims at.

It is true that geography since its origin began as a strictly descriptive science that unambiguously and solely elaborated with very little or nice preciseness the natural components of the landscape that humans from their cognitive level might understand as mountains, valleys, plains, coasts, rivers, seas among others. Nevertheless; with the passage of your time, the manner groups of people visualised the space perceived and lived began to vary, this process is understood as “the evolution of geography through time”.

The time within which, the descriptions became far more elaborated, however on the far side that, earth science began to be divided into two basic branches that will mark the emergence of what’s today. This was divided into physiography and Human geography since it absolutely was taken under consideration that the natural physical space cannot be studied during a manner that’s isolated from human beings, however rather than them, the relations of how they were said should be established. elements can contribute to the development of societies.


For this reason, geography began, to tempt their investigations in auxiliary sciences that will enable him to get answers to the queries that were posed , it absolutely was then as during this manner, mathematics, statistics, biology, zoology, Geology, geophysical science and plenty of different specific sciences began to produce specific contributions to the current mother science, till it became what we all knowthese days, a science that not only describes but studies, analyzes, compares issues of a natural and social nature so as to search out a rational answer to problems raised.


The geography…
Solve problems of natural and social nature
Study the human being because of the main modeling species of the natural landscape
Contributes to the scientific development of the world
Study the impact of social and natural phenomena for groups of people and for Planet Earth
Gives price and sense of belonging to kids, youth and adults who see an answer to an outsized variety of issues
Provides spontaneous resolution alternatives supported what’s renowned.

does smartphones impact our environment?


Have you ever questioned the environmental impact of using the web or mobile phone? Well, in line with a new study published within theJournal of Cleaner Production, information centers and smartphones are going to be the foremost polluting data and communication technologies in the year 2040.

The researchers, from the College of Engineering and Technology of the McMaster University (Canada), studied the carbon footprint of various devices: mobile phones, laptops, and desktops, tablets, etc. Additionally, they analyzed the impact of the data centers, those physical places that process all the data and on that we rely on for the web to figure.

“Behind each text message we send, each call, each video that we download, there’s a data center creating this attainable. The telecommunication networks consume tons of energy, they’re fed by electricity that’s still generated by the burning of fossil fuels. it’s an invisible energy consumption for us, “explains Lotfi Belkhir, lead author of the work.

Mobile phones, the foremost polluting

The result stunned them, as a result of they found that the carbon emissions that return from the use and production of data technologies are a lot of over antecedently thought. “If the trend continues, in 2014 these technologies are going to be chargeable for 14% of the ecological footprint, that is nearly 0.5 the impact of transport globally,” warns Belkhir.

Among all devices, it looks that in 2020 the foremost harmful to the environment is going to be the smartphone. And, though it doesn’t need a lot of energy for daily use, it’s standard that its production has high social and environmental prices. It takes a lot of energy to form a mobile phone, and additionally the employment of scarce minerals and high-priced extraction processes like coltan, gold, and tugnsteno.

Another downside lies within the obsolescence of those products: their short life forces the user to alter mobile every 2 years at the most, so additional and additional waste is generated and firms manufacture a lot of and additional telephones. As a result, “around 2020, the energy consumption of smartphones are going to be much bigger than that of computers,” the scientist points out.

image source 

Sustainable solutions

Stop using technology? it’s a false alternative. though nothing is completely necessary and essential, of course, do while not net or mobile kind of difficult in our current work environment and staff. however, you’ll be able to seek ways in which to reduce the impact of telecommunications.

“Data centers might begin to figure with renewable energy,” suggests Belkhir. “The excellent news is that giant companies like Facebook or Google have already announced that they’ll create this transition in their data centers. however, it’s necessary that there’s legislation that obliges everybody to try and do it “.

On the non-public level, you’ll be able to additionally take initiatives that minimize the impact on our use of communication networks: is it very necessary to download that viral video that you just are sent by WhatsApp which you recognize you’ll ne’er see? does one get to change your mobile as before long because the battery starts to last less, or once it simply works a bit slower?

Another option is to appear for devices that are factory-made with environmental criteria. within the world of the mobile telephone, the on the market choice is that the Fairphone. Its developers attempt to manage all steps in production, from the extraction of raw materials in the mines to the assembly of their elements. additionally, it’s a standard phone with replaceable parts: maybe, once the battery deteriorates, it’s not necessary to alter mobile phones however merely replace them. during this approach, the helpful lifetime of the device is extended and its ecological footprint is reduced. A quite necessary step if we would like to move towards a sustainable future.

Tokyo Capsule Hotel Experience In Shinjuku Hotel


A real-life capsule to sleep in. Cool!

This is one of the foremost “ONLY in JAPAN” experiences attainable — staying in a capsule hotel in a Japanese town. It’s low cost and convenient however why do individuals really stay here? Is it … you know … huge enough?

In this episode, John Daub and Masahito Kawahata head to the Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule hotel in Kabukicho to search out.


Japan’s Capsule Hotels are quite low cost places to crash.

This type of hotel is distinctively Japanese fashionable, cramming in the maximum amount as attainable into a small area to form a comfortable experience, however, will a guest extremely be comfy in one?

More and additional foreign tourists to Japan need to allow it a try! how small are these capsule? how much could be a night? What ar the rules?

Is it price it?


Miss your last train?

Work too late?

Argument together with your husband or wife and want an area to crash? Those could be the traditional reasons why Japanese salarymen spend the night at a capsule hotel.

For foreign tourists, it’s an opportunity to experience a unique type of type of hotel that appears a lot of like spending an evening in the dead room.

Before you pass judgment on capsule hotels, some things concerning them might surprise you!


Good sleep capsule

The History Of Capsule Hotel

The first capsule hotel in the world was the Capsule inn Osaka, designed by Kisho Kurokawa and settled within the Umeda district of Osaka, Japan. It opened in 1979.


In 2012, China opened its 1st capsule hotel in Xi’an.


In 2014, the primary European capsule hotel opened in Belgium.


In 2015, Iceland opened the first capsule hostel in Reykjavik.


In 2015, a capsule hotel was opened at Terminal three of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Metro Manila, the Philippines, for passengers in transit.


In Jan 2017, the first capsule hotel opened in Hong Kong.


The first capsule hotel in the Republic of India was opened on one March 2017 in Andheri, Mumbai. The hotel, known as Urbanpod, contains a hundred and forty units with a personal space of between fifty sq. feet and ninety square foot.


The first capsule hotel in the United Mexican States was opened August 2017 at Mexico City air terminal 1; the hotel is named Izzzleep.

 izzzleep capsule hotel

New Project of NASA Sending helicopter To The Mars

The following automotive National Aeronautics and Space Administration is sending to Mars nestles somewhere between a rover and a satellite television for computer, as a minimum in terms of altitude. The agency is bundling an autonomous helicopter with the mars 2020 rover to examine airborne motors on the pink planet.

Image source 

The drone weighs 1.8 kilograms (just to a lower place four pounds) and also the twin, counter-rotating blades can spin at around 3,000 rpm, additional or fewer ten instances of the charge of an everyday helicopter. that top blade rotation is very important to urge the helicopter airborne due to the low atmospherical density on Mars — once the drone’s at the floor, it’s progressing to already be at an earth-equal altitude of 100,000 feet. National Aeronautics and Space Administration in addition packed in a heating mechanism to assist the drone still exist the frigid mars nights.


After the rover lands, it’s going to space the helicopter on the floor and retreat to a secure distance. As shortly because the drone has charged its batteries the utilization of solar cells and run via some assessments, the rover can relay instructions thereto from controllers around the world. National Aeronautics and Space Administration hopes the helicopter can ascend to around ten foot and hover there for around thirty seconds on its 1st flight. The business will check the drone over a 30-day length and try the maximum amount as four further flights, eventually hoping to preserve the helicopter among the air for this long as ninety seconds and allow it roam for some hundred meters.


An intake a glance at ought to open the door to the usage of helicopters as scouts on destiny missions, measuring tract that may be robust for rovers to navigate or maybe having access to locations which could be out of reach via floor travel.


Nasa’s reaction propulsion laboratory has been growing the helicopter considering that in 2013, and sooner or later reduced in size the body to around the dimensions of a softball to help create the drone viably. The helicopter and rover are scheduled to unleash in July 2020 and land on Mars seven months later.

NASA made the dream come true our cars will fly in easy traffic

The space agency signed a second agreement with the Uber company to figure on the implementation of aircraft and its impact on traffic in cities
The advance of the flying vehicles that Uber expects to possess on the market among 5 years has all over again the support of NASA for the event of systems to manage traffic, one in every of the most challenges that the corporation should face with this technology.

image source 

The announcement, second of its kind, was discovered within the middle of the Uber Elevate Summit that the firm develops on in Los Angeles, U.S, description that it’s a replacement initiative to attain an accurate way to manage quality in cities.
Thanks to the employment of the systems developed by NASA, Uber are going to be ready to produce a simulation platform that in 2020 can enable it to hold out the primary tests proclaimed additionally during this chance, so as to attain its goal of getting flying vehicles in 2023.
The previous agreement between each organization was targeted on the event of the mandatory technology for autonomous flying vehicles, now, the motivation of this collaboration is placed within the system to regulate travel.
Stan Swaintek, head of aviation operations at Uber, explained that presently the Federal Aviation Administration of the U.S (FAA), controls many thousands of flights. “At all times, there is a minimum of 5 thousand airplanes in the air, Uber can have ten times a lot of flights than the FAA handles, in a single town.”
Hence, the agreement with NASA is of nice importance, since, in step with Eric Allison, Uber’s head of aviation programs, one in every of the largest challenges is to realize “a network that works with the extent of demand that we all know that this service may have. ”
For all this, the space agency can have its facilities in Texas, to simulate the transport of an a tiny low range of passengers.
“Air transport in cities may revolutionize the manner within which each individual and parcels move in every section and, with it, essentially modifications the method we live currently, virtually as much because the arrival of telephones intelligent, “commented the associate administrator of the aeronautical analysis mission of NASA, Jaiwon Shin.
In the event, Uber additionally declared agreements with the USA. Army and alternative corporations dedicated to the creation of aircraft, since they assured that they’ll not enter that market, they’ll only be targeted on the service offered to users through of the application.

interest facts about dinosaurs which dominated our planet for millions of years


A recently standard theory that dinosaurs extinct usually refers to pranigosthike giant vertebrates.
These prehistoric inhabitants of the earth’s ecosystems and scientists estimate concerning sixteen million years the dominant creatures dominated the planet. associate degree calculable three million years before the primary dinosaurs evolved.
At the top of the Cretaceous period, around six million years past during a devastating natural disaster that worn out the dinosaurs are from the Earth’s influence.
A class only the present period is predicted to be able to survive: srenibinyasabidara theropod dinosaur dinosaurs, an instantaneousdescendant of the idea of contemporary birds; The evolution from the Jurassic era, the patterns obtained by fossil proof.

Cretaceous Period – Dark Ride – Science Exploration Hall – Science City – Kolkata 

hierarchical, morphological and ecological aspects of a number of the various forms of animals from the word dinosaur will be represented as a standard name.
Unable to fly over five hundred dinosaur fossil evidence, paleontologists from the general public and over 1,000 species are known.
Living and fossil species of dinosaurs, together with all the continents will be found, there are samples of each eater and Manasi.
Although utpattigatabhabe two-footed dinosaurs, however tons of extinct species of animals found, and in some species reaching a time, if necessary, may use 2 legs or four legs.

Mounted skeleton of Apatosaurus louisae, Carnegie Museum

In all the dinosaur horn, bone and skin are a symbol of leaf morphology, etc., displays, and a few extinct species may be shaped as a skeleton, bone armor, and spines.
One of the foremost common options, no matter the class of dinosaurs laid eggs and residential production observe. a number of the physiological needs of flight for the sake of prehistoric dinosaurs to modern birds, however, several smaller was huge.

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Jurassic

The largest sauropods dinosaurs fifty-eight meters (190 feet) long and up to 925 meters (30 feet four inches) high was. Dinosaurs still unable to fly as shortly because the leads would be wrong to insinuate.


A most large-scale fossil discovered is ekatha dainosara. this is often as a result of the nature of fossils, however, the dimensions of the adversities endured till calcification will survive simply. In fact, there have been tons of tiny dinosaurs; as an example, jijiyanikasa (Xixianykus) the length of the dinosaur was only about fifty centimeters.
Although the ‘dinosaurs’, the term virtually means that terrible lizards, however, are literally lizards or dinosaurs aren’t lizards. Rather, they belong to a separate group of reptiles category representative, the reptiles are for the most part separated from those physiological activities; as an example, they were warm-blooded and capable of two-footed of approach.
That marked the first 1/2 the 20th century until the birds are dinosaurs, scientists believed dinosaurs were sluggish and cold-blooded. However, since the Nineteen Seventies, and succeeding research has shown that almost all of the dinosaurs had a high metabolism rate, extremely active animals and that they are adapted in many ways to speak with one another.
The first fossil dinosaur was discovered in the early nineteenth century. dinosaur skeletons stay unfree in rocks from the geological formation or varied museums within the world is to become the middle of attraction. Dinosaurs have become an integral a part of world culture.
Some extinct dinosaur species, principally giant size and since of their potential violent behavior has become a subject of interest to each youngster and adults. popular book and film Jurassic Park, etc. There are lots of dinosaurs seller is that the most cost-effective and therefore the discovery of latest media, especially the broadcast.

Lynk & Co have high technology cars factory, wait for the new brand


ZHANGJIAKOU, CHINA (REUTERS) – whereas staff at car factories in Federal Republic of Germany and Republic of Korea fight to avoid wasting their jobs, one amongst China’s youngest car brands is geartrain up to create machine vehicles at a brand new manufactory with digitally-connected robots and a contemporary hands of one,800 people.

the photo from uk.motor1.com


A three-hour drive from the Chinese capital Beijing, the Lynk & Co plant in Zhangjiakou combines technology and producing power from the Geely and Volvo Cars units of China automobile big Zhejiang Geely Holding group.

The twelve billion yuan (S$2.5 billion) investment could be a bright, freshly painted example of the challenge confronting long-established car factories in mature industrial economies.
As carmakers adopt a brand new generation of producing technology, trade officers are assured that they’ll deploy an equivalent package of robots, production line designs and digital internal control systems anyplace within the world – and train individuals to try and do the tasks robots cannot yet perform.

Plant manager Tong Xiangbei is within the vanguard of a tech revolution that allows carmakers to place new factories in overseas similar to Zhangjiakou, a town of 4 million people in Hopei and much from several of Geely’s components manufacturers.

“With this team, we tend to may go anyplace and replicate this factory,” Mr. Tong, 42, who previously worked at Ford Motor, told Reuters throughout the primary media tour of the plant.

The ability to create cars in nearly any location that has electricity and good roads is one issue behind Peugeot’s clash with German staff over planned cost-cutting at Opel brand factories once in hand by General Motors.

GM in the week in agreement to take a position US$3.6 billion (S$4.7 billion) in its cash losing South Korean operations solely when unions representing employees at its plants in agreement to permit the conclusion of a manufactory in Gunsan, peninsula and gave concessions gm said can save US$400 million to US$500 million a year.

With Lynk & Co, Geely is targeting younger and fewer affluent buyers than typical Volvo customers, however, who still demand additional sophistication and technology than a regular Geely Automobile Holdings car for the mass market in China.

Lynk & Co vehicles already are competitive with gm, Peugeot and alternative carmakers in China. The complete plans to start production at a plant in the Kingdom of Belgium in 2019, and start sales in Europe in 2020. Geely and Volvo have same they decide to bring the complete to u. s., however, haven’t aforementioned once.

The Zhangjiakou complicated can build the Lynk & Co 02 SUV and a sedan referred to as the 03 for the Chinese market. Currently, the plant has regarding 1,800 employees on one daily shift, labouring aboard nearly three hundred robots.

When the plant goes to a second shift, it’ll use 3,000 people capable of building regarding 200,000 cars each year, mister Tong said. Those are employment and production levels in keeping with mature market automobile plants.

The industrial plant uses Kuka robots to weld along the bodies of its vehicles – an equivalent brand used by the industrialist to create Mercedes-Benz cars.

US firm Rockwell Automation and Germany’s Robert Bosch provide the technology used on the ultimate line.

An automaton from foreign terrorist organization glues windshields into every Lynk & Co 02 machine, relieving human staff of that untidyjob.

US tool maker Atlas Copco provided what plant manager mister Tong describes as a “huge-ass nut runner” that bolts wheels on vehicles, records the force used and sends the info to a cloud server.

The Zhangjiakou factory’s advanced systems ar evident in each the robots are seen by journalists throughout the tour, and alternative things that are missing.

Unlike several older automobile factories, there are not any fossil fuel fuelled forklifts or tug vehicles operated by drivers to haul components to the line. At Lynk & Co, components are dropped at workstations by remote-controlled, machine-controlled machines.

For its human manpower, a number of whom live up to 500km from the plant, the corporate is building housing for its staff, mister Tong aforementioned.

But he additionally saw advantages within the plant’s remote location.

Archaeological study gave a proof that the people of Star Carr were facing climate change


New analysis analyzing palaeoclimate information in conjunction with archaeological findings has provided proof for the way resilient the community of Star Carr – the illustrious Mesolithic occupation site in North Yorkshire – was within the face of utmost global climate change.

Abrupt environmental condition Events (or ACEs)
, leading to very low average temperatures that last for many generations, are identified to have sporadically affected Europe throughout the Mesolithic period. it’s been steered that these events might have greatly affected the hunter-gatherer communities of Europe however, as

The photo from starcarr.com

archaeological sites from this era are comparatively scarce, few studies have addressed the idea. To correct this deficiency, a research team from institutions across the united kingdom has analyzed 2 cores taken from the Flixton palaeolake, next to that Star Carr is found and compared the environmental proof they supplied with the archaeology of the positioning. The core information is known 2 ACEs that coincided with archaeological activity at Star Carr: one 11,400 years past, the opposite 11,100 years past. each seems to have been similar in period and intensity. staring at the archaeological record throughout these periods, results show that in the primary ACE, that coincides with the earliest proof for occupation, activity was muted and inconsistent, presumably suggesting that the climate might have delayed additional intensive use of the location. throughout the second ACE, however, the proof shows no gap within the use of the location which sorts of activity stay comparatively similar before and through this colder period. After the second ACE, however, changes are noted, with the Star Carr population building a minimum of 3 substantial wood platforms on the sides of the lake; this coincides with the lake turning into shallower and swampier. The residents then abandoned these platforms and solely sporadic activity is seen thenceforth – a shift that looks to occur once the swampy environment gave way to a fen carr setting. Taken along, the results indicate that, whereas the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers at Star Carr managed to eke out a living throughout abrupt macrochanges in climate, ostensibly taking it in their stride, they were additional laid low with microchanges to the ecology of their native landscape.

Forbidding Plastic Straws And Stirrers Reduce Tons Of Ocean Trash- We Can Do That


Cities and nations are viewing forbidding plastic straws and stirrers in hopes of addressing the world’s plastic pollution downside. the matter is thus massive, though, that scientists say that is not nearly enough.
Australian scientists Denise Hardesty and Chris Wilcox estimate, victimization trash collected on U.S. coastlines throughout cleanups over 5years, that there are nearly 7.5 million plastic straws lying around America’s shorelines. They figure which means 437 million to 8.3 billion plastic straws are on the complete world’s coastlines.
But that vast variety suddenly looks little after you verify all the plastic trash bobbing around oceans. University of Georgia environmental engineering faculty member Jenna Jambeck calculates that just about nine million tons (8 million metric tons) end up within the world’s oceans and coastlines annually, as of 2010, per her 2015 study within the journal Science.

 image source

That’s simply in and close to oceans. annually quite thirty-five million tons (31.9 million metric tons) of plastic pollution are created around Earth and a few quarters of that finally ends up around the water.
“For each pound of tuna we’re putting off of the ocean, we swing 2 pounds of plastic within the ocean,” says ocean human fortified wineLippiatt, CA regional organizer for National Oceanic and part Administration’s marine trash program.
Seabirds will ingest the maximum amount as eight p.c of their weight in plastic, that for humans “is corresponding to the common girl having the burden of 2 babies in her abdomen,” says Hardesty of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial analysis Organisation.

Organizers of Earth Day, that is Sunday, have announced ending plastics pollution this year’s theme. And following within the footsteps of many U.S. cities like Seattle and Miami beach, British Prime Minister Theresa might in April referred to as on the nations of landcommonwealth to contemplate forbidding plastic straws, coffee stirrers and plastic swabs with cotton on the end.
McDonald’s can take a look at paper straws in some U.K. locations next month and keep all straws behind the counter, thus customers have to be compelled to ask for them. “Together with our customers we are able to do our bit for the environment and use fewer straws,” says Paul Pomroy, who runs the fast-food company’s U.K. business.
The issue of straws and marine animals got additionally heated once a 2015 viral video showing rescuers removing a straw from an ocean turtles nose in graphic and bloody detail.
Straws on the average weigh thus little—about one sixty-seventh of an oz or .42 grams—that all those billions of straws add up to solely regarding 2,000 tons of the nearly nine million tons of plastic waste that yearly hits the waters.
“Bans will play a task,” says scientist Kara Lavendar Law, an author with Jambeck of the 2015 Science study. “We don’t seem to be attending to solve the matter by forbidding straws.”
Scientists say that unless you’re disabled or a tiny low kid, plastic straws are usually reserve and a ban is begin and smart image. this stuff that folks use for some minutes, however “are sticking out round for our period of time and longer,” Lippiatt says.
Marcus Eriksen, Associate in Nursing environmental scientist World Health Organization co-founded the support group five Gyres, says performing on bans of straws and plastic baggage would bring noticeable modification. He calls plastic baggage, cups and straws that break down in smaller however still harmful items the “smog of microplastics.”
“Our cities are horizontal smokestacks pumping out this smogginess into the seas,” Eriksen says. “One goal for support organizations is to form that single-use culture taboo, an equivalent means smoking publicly is taboo.”

Marcus Eriksen image source 

Steve Russell, VP of plastics for the American Chemistry Council, same individuals will cut back waste by not taking straws, however “in several cases these plastics offer sanitary conditions for food, beverages, and private care.”
The key to determination marine litter, Russell says, is “in investment in systems to capture land-based waste and investment in infrastructure to convert used plastics into valuable merchandise.”
Even though Jambeck spends her life measurement and dealing on the growing downside of waste pollution, she’s optimistic.

“We will try this,” Jambeck says. “I have faith in humans.”

Where Does a College Coach Have You Ranked


4. Eat right

The bottom line is, we eat too much. Cut back on portions and aim for four to six small meals a day that all include a source of protein such as lean meat, fish or nuts to help normalize your blood sugar and keep you full. Also make sure to eat a variety of foods from each food group. Include five to seven daily servings of vegetables (including one serving of cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts or cabbage) and two to three servings of fruit. Choose whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa and whole wheat, and minimize consumption of sugar and other sweeteners.

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