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2018 Lincoln Navigator Preview

Competes with: Audi Q8, Infiniti QX80, Lexus LX460, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, Cadillac Escalade

Looks like: a awfully massive, terribly fancy SUV

Drivetrain: calculable 450-horsepower, twin-turbo V-6; 10-speed automatic transmission; rear- or machine drive

It’s been over a decade since its last plan, therefore we tend to area unit happy to ascertain a replacement 2018 Lincoln Navigator build its debut at the 2017 big apple International car Show. The Navigator gets some long-overdue changes that modernize the lifesize SUV within and out.

The Navigator’s cousin, the Ford Expedition, is also redesigned for 2018, and the two share more than a passing resemblance as well as several of the same technological innovations and mechanical bits. However, the Lincoln does have a few extra tricks up its sleeve with more brazen styling and added luxury.


Lincoln introduced a concept version of the Navigator at last year’s show here in New York and editor Aaron Bragman said, “Take out the gull-wing doors and it’s a good bet that the Navigator Concept you see here is 90 percent of the production vehicle.” Aaron is either psychic or he paid someone off because he was exactly right: Much of the styling (minus the gull-wing doors) remains intact, including those crazy wheels and the blacked-out pillars which give the roof a floating appearance.


Inside, the Navigator offers a wide array of technology and family features (with some Expedition overlap between). Lincoln was mum about the actual size of the multimedia screen that will be powered by Sync 3 and offer both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability. The screen has been mounted high on the dash above the center vents and is the centerpiece of the dashboard. Behind the steering wheel is a customizable 12-inch gauge cluster that the driver will alter to show a vary of info.

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Jeep reveals its 707-horsepower SUV

Jeep is taking the plunge into the deep finish of the HP wars with the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, a version of its midsize SUV that’s equipped with a 707-horsepower vixen engine.

The vixen could be a supercharged half-dozen.2-liter V-8 engine that has become associate icon for the Dodge whole since it had been introduced within the Charger and rival in 2014.

Now it’ll be blocked into the 2018 auto Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that may be disclosed to the media at the big apple International car Show on weekday.

On Tuesday, the auto manufacturer plans to reveal the long-awaited Dodge rival SRT Demon, a muscle automotive, expected to possess even a lot of HP.

“The auto Grand Cherokee is currently the foremost powerful and fastest SUV still,” microphone Manley, head of auto whole, same during a news unleash. “The new Grand Cherokee Trackhawk delivers astounding performance numbers … with luxury, refinement associated an array of innovative advanced technology.”

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